A unique artistic touch for your wedding

Would you like to turn your wedding into art?

I love to show my vision of the character and beauty of a person in my portraits - and if a wedding day is not the best moment to immortalise your happy faces, then what is? 

Feel free to book a phone call - and we'll discuss your wishes for a great piece of art.

Portrait of bride & groom

Celebrate the beginning of your family with a piece of art

We are used to think of art as something expensive and unreacheable. It isn't  something you would buy every day. 

But your wedding is a special day and it deserves to be treated like one. 

I will paint a watercolour portrait of your most beautiful moment with warmest emotions on 40x50 cm or larger.

Let's discuss your special wishes.

670,- EUR


An exciting live event for your guests

Here's how it works:

  • I take a photo of your guests at the beginning of the wedding and start painting directly.
  • One illustration is created in 5-6 minutes.
  • Your guests can take their ready 15x20 cm illustration with them directly after the wedding.
  • 5 hours and 50 pictures in a fashion style included.

850,- EUR

Portraits of the guests

Ideal for a petite and charming wedding

  • I will paint your guests in advance. And they will find their portraits framed at their seat upon arrival.
  • Alternatively, I use photos from your wedding and paint your guests after the wedding to make the evening even more memorable. Then you can send the portraits to your guests as part of the 'thank you' message.
  • The package includes 30 detailed portraits on 15x20 cm.

  • 2.570,- EUR

Book a call with me

There are countless options we can explore - my proposition is more like an idea for what we could create for your wedding. You are free to offer any of your ideas in a call with me. I am flexible and always happy to hear your wishes. 

It is important to allow enough time for your reservations - especially if you chose the third option of painting portraits of the guests in advance. These portraits are detailed and will be painted with lots of love. So I would need at least three months (check availability) to prepare them. 

In any way - let's talk! :)

5-Minutes Illustrations

30-Minutes Illustrations

I will create your live illustrations in a fashion style to capture the festive atmosphere and highlight the guests' beautiful outfits.