Pack of 4 Christmas postcards

Each card is a hand-painted work of art in watercolour, capturing the magical essence of Christmas.

1. Christmas Card "Reindeer with a Red Nose".

Celebrate the season with my charming "Reindeer with a Red Nose". Share the festive cheer with your loved ones and let this card, created with brushes and love, light up their hearts as much as the reindeer's red nose.

2. Christmas card "Silent Night with Friendly Mouse".

Experience the peacefulness of Christmas with my "Silent Night" card. Share the warmest wishes of peace and love with this unique card, where every stroke counts.

3. Christmas card "Wreath of Joy

"Decorate your greetings with the elegance of my "Crown of Joy" card. Celebrate Christmas with authenticity and a personal touch, conveyed through each watercolour stroke.

4. Christmas Card "Sweet Christmas".

Sweeten the season with my "Sweet Christmas" card. Share authentic and delicious moments with your loved ones.

These cards are unique creations, painted with love and attention to every detail! Order now and bring the magic and authenticity of the season to your loved ones - Happy Holidays!

9.00 €